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Curb Appeal

How often have you noticed a home or office building and thought to yourself, that’s really pretty? Have you ever tried to analyze what it is exactly that made it stand out as appealing? Chances are, you have not. It’s sufficient just to notice. Realistically, there are dozens of different traits which give a structure the “curb appeal” that catches your eye: the color of the grass, details of the landscaping, the structure itself, the doors, windows, light fixtures, color schemes, the organization and layout of the property, and more. Bringing all of these things together can be time consuming and tedious. For those reasons, many people hire experienced professionals.

It’s obvious that someone might hire a landscaping company to maintain the lawn, flowers, and trees, build retaining walls, decks, pergolas, and so forth. But, who takes care of the rest? The windows still need cleaning. The trash still needs to be picked up. The gutters still need cleaning. The cob webs need knocked down and so much more. TJ’s Window Cleaning is your one stop shop. We offer several services centered on maintaining the curb appeal of your home or office. We even replace lightbulbs and install bird spikes (more on that later)

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